The Tiberine Island & The Jewish Quarter

Rome owes its amazing history in great part to its river: the Tiber that forms an island right next to where the city was founded and developed. The Tiberine island is linked to the left bank by the oldest bridge that dates back to the I century BC and was known for many centuries as the “bridge of the Jews”. The first of them settled in Rome already in the II century BC, most of them in Trastevere, the area on the right bank of the river. As time went on, they moved across to the left bank to live next to their Christian neighbours, until in 1555 pope Paul IV decided to confine them into a small area next to the river, which became known as the „Ghetto “, and lasted for about 350 years, before it was demolished. On this tour we will explore the district that is still the heart of the life of the Jewish community of Rome and where today we find many traces of its history as well as the major Synagogue and many Jewish restaurants. (Duration 3 hours.)