About me

My name is Dorte Schmidt, and I was born in Germany. Already as a child I developed a passion for foreign languages, different cultures, history as well as travelling. While I studied Romance philology and German literature at the
University of Tubingen, I discovered my special interest in Italy and the history of art.  I have been living in this country since 1989, when I obtained an Erasmus scholarship for Pisa University.  From then on I have always worked in the field of tourism, at first as a tour guide in Italy and in Europe, and since 2009 as a licend tourist guide of Rome and its Province.


My life is divided between being a guide and doing continuous research about the history of this fascinating city and its endless monuments and sites. There is always something new to discover or to explore more in depth.

But what I enjoy most is sharing my knowledge and my passion with the visitors.


Over the last year, due to Covid, I have started offering online-seminars for adults, students and small children, in various languages, and by now I have  held some 200 of them.  They have turned out to be very useful as a preparation for a „live visit“, which they obviously cannot and do not want to replace.


Please contact me at the following mail address or phone number:




Mobile & Whatsapp +39 338 5314052