Ostia Antica - The port of Ancient Rome

Once right next to the sea and to the mouth of the Tiber River, today the archaeological area of Ostia Antica is situated a couple of miles away from the beach. Although it may be less known than Pompei, the former port of ancient Rome is an incredible place to explore an ancient roman town with its streets paved with slabs of basalt stone, the apartment blocks – the so-called “insulae” built in brick, the houses or “domus” of the rich, once decorated with marble floors, statues and mosaics, the taverns, the thermal baths, a theatre, the forum etc. Here, away from the hustle of the big city, you can really travel back in time and get a feeling of what it was like to live at the time of the ancient Romans, about two thousand years ago. (Duration 4 hours, tickets required.)