The Aventine Hill

We start this walking tour admiring the view across the Circus Maximus, where in antiquity the popular chariot races were held and which occupied the valley between the Palatine Hill and the Aventine Hill. On our way to the top of the hill we will pass the public rose garden of Rome. At the beginning of the history of Rome the Aventine Hill was home to the plebs, whereas the rich patricians preferred the Palatine hill. During the imperial times it became the hill where wealthy citizens coming from the provinces of the empire would have built their residences. Quite often they would have brought with them their own religious cults. This explains why we have a number of very old churches on this hill, like the Basilica of Santa Sabina that we are going to visit. We will also find that the Aventine is a very green hill thanks to beautiful parks like the „Garden of the Orange Trees “, and that it offers some charming and quite unexpected views. (Duration 3 hours.)